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What's New?!


6 May - Added San Juan Construction, Inc. as a Kwajalein Job resource to the Kwajalein Websites page.

17 April - The Kwaj-Net Blog started with an inaugural blog post. The post gives an extended explanation of what Kwaj-Net actually IS and where we are going with it. Feel free to Visit The Kwaj-Net Blog and leave any comments. Oh, and one last thing, we will be entertaining Guest Bloggers. So, if you want to tell your Kwaj story, please let us know and we will get you set up as a guest blogger.

8 April - The Kwajalein Photos pages were updated to reflect that the pictures have MOVED to the new Kwaj-Net Facebook Photo Gallery. Go check it out, leave LIKES, COMMENTS and TAG people that you know.

17 March - HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! We've created a New Kwaj-Net YouTube Channel. Plesae check it out and email us with any cool Kwajalein videos that you find.

10 March - Kwaj-Net is just about to grow some legs and hit the social media scene... AND ...we're finally getting serious about the website redesign and monthly newsletter. Check out these new and upcoming items:

Monthly Newsletter - Anticipated for eons, the first newsletter will launch this month. It will cover Kwjalein local news, Kwajalein Hourglass items, news from around the web and will even include social media snippets about Kwajalein, The Marshall Islands and Micronesia in general.

-- Sign up for the Kwaj-Net Newsletter here if you haven't already!

Facebook - The "fan page" will soon be beefed up, so please LIKE Kwaj-Net at: http://facebook.com/KwajNet

-- We need at least 50 LIKES to do some very cool stuff with the page, so please share the link.

Twitter - We just started tweeting, so FOLLOW Kwaj-Net here: https://twitter.com/#!/KwajNet

Website Redesign - We can't forget about the website redesign. It's coming in March or April, so stay tuned for that too. You’re going to love the new look and some great new features!!!