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Kwajalein Websites

Just when you thought the world was a small place...
...you experience Kwajalein.

Feel free to send Kwajalein websites that are not listed here and we'll post them.

Kwajalein Jobs - Kwajalein job listing provided by the Kwajalein Range Services contractor group - Bechtel National, Lockheed-Martin and Chugach The San Juan Construction, Inc. - Holds a separate contract with USAKA. Submit your resume through their Careers Overview page.

Kwajalein Control Facility - Mantained by the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.

Kwajalein High School - Kwajaleing Jr/Sr High School.

Kwajalein Scuba Club - Kwajalein Scuba Club

Kwajalein Yacht Club - Kwajalein Yacht Club

Justin Moore - Artist

Miscellaneous Kwaj Links Page

Reagan Test Site (Formerly Kwajalein Missile Range) Website - Thanks to the good folks at Space and Missile Defense Command.

RMI Homepage - Embassy of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Steph's Kwaj Home Page - Another personal Web site with tidbits, opinion and pics. Beware of POP-UP Advertisements!

The Kwajalein Community Web Site - Shermie Wiehe's website with tons of great information, pictures, email directory, etc.

The Kwajalein Hourglass Newspaper - Thanks to the good folks at Space and Missile Defense Command.

Williamson-Labs.com - I'm not really sure how to describe this site, but there's a lot of old Kwaj pics and interesting tidbits about the history of missilery there.

Yokwe Online - Some sort of RMI community, forum, blog portal.