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Kwajalein Friends and Acquaintances

All of the following people have touched my life in one way or another during my stay on Kwajalein. I would like to thank them for being a part of such a wonderful experience. If you recognize any of these folks drop me an email. I'd love to hear your story about them.

Here we go (in no particular order):

Carey and Janelle Hampton
Don and Georgia Ott
Bill and Lucille Thygerson
Scott and Vicky Pitts
Carl and Debbie Bielan
Mike and Monae
Monae Johnson
Kevin and Mark Dale
Don and Henni Elliott
Mike (L.B.) Sherfinski
Daryl Wilson
John Hefner
Gene and Randy Rambo
Ellen Smith
Mike Wilson
Elise Pilarczyk
Betty Ann McComber
Brian Grady
Bill and Cherie
Ralph and Barb McKinney
Ken (The Karaoke Man)
Percy and Bonita Matsuga (sp?)
Jack Unger
Cass Moseley
John and Barbara Wier (sp?)
Jim (Vendor Jim) Buettgenbach
Fred Pauman
Ann Nicholson
Vicky (From Bowling)
Larry (From Bowling)
John (From Bowling)
Herb and Vilma Parfitt
Joe (Banker Joe) Diego
Noreen and Scott (Fireman Scott)
Henry and Anita Raymond
Karen (IMO Karen)
Loretta (Cmd Grp Sec)
Marie (Cmd Grp Sec)
Pierre (God Rest His Soul)
Jim (Dr. Jim) Troxell (God Rest His Soul)
Phil (Dentist Phil)
Kevin (San Diego) Seerey
Stan (The Beard Man)
Andy Boelke
Gary W. Hall (Rebel Yell)
Bill (Mr. Karaoke) [Pinion?]
Pat and Shirley Connell-Williams
Henri Basiaga
Rose Pang
Donna Schucker
Brian (Bartender Brian)
Jo Ann (Bartendress Du Jour)
All the VFW Gang
J.P. Calar
Kathleen and Bruce
Brad (Hacky Sak Extraordinaire)
Marty (Tex-Mex Marty)
Lawrence and Jeanie
Bob (Teacher Bob)
Charlotte (Instrumentalist Extraordinaire)
Char and Hubby

Please, please, please forgive me if I've forgotten to list your name if you knew me. I put together this list WELL over four years after leaving Kwaj. I'm surprised I remembered as much as I did. So just send me an email to jog this old memory of mine and I'll add ya to the list. Thanks!