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Welcome to Kwaj-Net!

New! What's New??? - Well, as of 3/17/2012, A LOT is the quick answer. Visit our new What's New Page for the latest and greatest! On 3/17, we added the New Kwaj-Net YouTube Channel!

What is the Kwaj-Net Kwajalein Community?

Kwaj-Net is all about community, connecting and sharing - for all people who have lived on, currently reside on or would like to experience Kwajalein Atoll (Republic of the Marshall Islands). The Kwajalein experience, in and of itself, cannot be explained unless you have lived it.  The relationships that are built and the incredible times that are spent get indelibly etched in the memories of all who have come and gone. Even the Kwajalein photos on this website and other Kwajalein websites cannot compare to the sunsets and other marvels that just have to be seen with your own eyes.

The Kwaj-Net Kwajalein Newsletter is all about current or recent information for our registered recipients to learn about website updates, local Kwajalein News, some hand-picked article summaries from the Kwajalein Hourglass and even how Kwajalein is talked about in today's social media channels. Most of the news will also be reported through Kwaj-Net's social media sites, so be sure to LIKE Kwaj-Net on Facebook and/or FOLLOW Kwaj-Net on Twitter. Any suggestions for newsletter items are encouraged and we'll be happy to mention you as the source. Subscribe to the Kwajalein Newsletter today!

This Kwajalein website has been maintained since 1994, during which time it has undergone gradual changes, thanks to all of the visitor's suggestions and comments.  The outreach from everybody has been amazing! The site is continually evolving, so be sure to visit often. We're always entertaining new feature requests. If you would like to request a new feature, look up some former Kwajalein resident or just request information, feel free to submit a comment form.

Kwaj-Net has already helped so many current, future and past residents:

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palmAsm.gif (1821 bytes) Make New Friends
palmAsm.gif (1821 bytes) Find Information about Kwajalein
palmAsm.gif (1821 bytes) Collaborate with Kwajalein people from around the world
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I spent two wonderful years on Kwajalein, doing automation and finance work in the small, yet busy Post Office located on the largest of the islands in the atoll.  Although I am no longer on-island, I miss it dearly.  The friendships, the people, the work and the environment all make me long for returning. I wouldn't give up my two years on Kwaj for anything. My only regret is not learning how to scuba dive, but I did at least do some unforgettable snorkling with good friends.

A Little Bit About Life on Kwajalein...

Sunshine and breezes abound year around with temps varying 77-90 F, night and day respectively. There is a tolerable wet season where drenching forecasts of long periods of continuous heavy rain are often the norm. There is a wide range of land and water sports for kids and adults.

The Marshallese are a very nice people. The majority of those work on Kwajalein, but  live on a tiny island called Ebeye which is a very short boat ride from Kwajalein. They perform various jobs to support the logistics of Kwaj life (e.g. construction, janitorial, electrical, etc.) Marshallese are rarely in a hurry.....unless they are about to miss the boat back to Ebeye. During "rush hour", be sure to lock up your bike, or else it will likely get "borrowed" in order to get back to the boat in time However, you can always find it near the pier if the bike has "disappeared".

Check out the Kwajalein Web Sites page for links to sites with a plethora of useful Kwajalein information. Please report broken links to us on the comment form.

Yokwe Yuk!

Please enjoy Kwaj-Net and tell the rest of your Kwajalein friends about it.  Be sure to check out the Pictures, Kwajalein Websites, and other pages on Kwaj-Net.   If you are a past, present or future Kwajer, Kwajite, Kwajling, Rock Dweller, etc., and want to contact us, send us an email on the comments page.  It may take me a short time to get back to you, but rest assured I will.

Komol Tata and yokwe! Respectfully,

Bob a.k.a. Postman Bob
(Kwajalein Post Office - 8/91 to 8/93)