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BIG Message Board NEWS !!!

As of 3/10/2012, Kwaj-Net has picked up a lot of speed and enhancements are just exploding! I have a question for you... Would you be interested in me adding the old posts back from 1997-2001, but in read-only mode? It would make for some interesting reading! Let me know by submitting a comment form and I'll work on that.

Meanwhile, what about a NEW MESSAGE BOARD??? My current web hosting provider does not have a good message board solution, so we'll soon be going BIG TIME and a buying a REAL DOMAIN NAME for the message board and even perhaps a completely new website!


Would you be willing to REGISTER to use a message board by providing your authenticated email address? You can use a nickname and therefore be fairly anonymous!

Would you like a full-fledged REAL community site with multiple forums, each dedicated to certain Kwajalein topics (jobs, local island happenings, searching for people, etc.)?

Would you mind seeing advertisements on the site as long as they weren't annoying and didn't use pop-ups, etc.?

Any way, those questions will help me determine how much money and time I might want to spend to really bring a world-class Kwajalein website into existence. Please let me know your answers and suggestions about really neat web 2.0 stuff to offer to the Kwajalein Community.


Bob (Email Me!)